...who I am inside? (1xSyscore/DF)

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Caedus 42

This deck was a great time. We were only using the cards/qty available in Syscore 19 + all of Downfall, for a release tournament held at Paragon Games in Draper, UT. We had a couple new faces and a couple old faces come back after a break sitting out, so it was awesome to get folks together around such an exciting and well done set being released!!

So the idea with my influence was to shore up some ICE weaknesses as well as have a few traps so I could float unprotected agendas/Reversed Accounts with the mind game of whether they could afford to check em or not. This increases my fun level (even though I suck at bluffing) plus allows for some surprise scores. Also Marked Accounts is just great for MirrorMorph: Endless Iteration.

Keep in mind when you get your free click you can often use it for 2 if you have enough Nanoetching Matrix's out! I frequently missed that but had a kind opponent who would remind me :)

Hagen, Rime and Vulnerability Audit, Red Level Clearance and Nanoetching Matrix were all AWESOME, and Tollbooth was incredibly needed. I got my extra click almost every turn and the runner basically never trashed my naked assets. Won with a Junebug once, the rest through scoring, usually Audits. Always had a ton of money, didn't lose a corp game, good times! My runner deck was Az, and he was LOTS of fun to play as well... https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/55369/az-you-wish-1xsys19-df-