Rush SSO

Funshade 135

I like the idea of corps scoring quickly to throw slower runners.

This deck moves exactly as fast as you think it does with 3 fast tracks. All of your ice is scary with 3 advancements on it so getting there sooner is better.

Cortex lock is because I wanted a sentry but a lot of them where "ehh" in the deck it had Rototurret for a wile but the idea is being a rush deck is have Ice that's better early game then late. and a non set up runner hitting a rototurret sets you further back.

It will aslo kill a few runners who think your low on credits.

-- Two things everyone asks -- What? no red planet? Red planet REQUIRES biotic. and biotic is a dead card any other time.

-- why Mumbad Contruction Co? -- Seriously, why do people ask this. this is MVP and i'd run 3 but starting with it feels bad. Rez start of turn. Dedication it. move counters to a face up agenda. and you can score a 3/5 out of hand for 14c. if you wait a turn you can even Fast track to score out of deck.

23 Apr 2019 nandemo

I like this deck. But I wonder if there are better alternatives to Hortum and Mausolus. The barriers here all get better with advancement tokens: Asteroid Belt gets cheaper to rez, Ice Wall and Masvingo get stronger. But the code gates don't get more expensive to break. They advancement tokens only matter if the runner faceplants into them, which rarely happens in my experience.