All or Nothing Outfit (3rd Mox SC)


This deck was fun to play because you just slam agendas and hope that the runner gets them self killed or locked out. Everything in this deck is either spikey stuff or money. Went 3-1 on the day splitting against near identical stabby Maxx decks lists. Ark lockdown against Laamb is big. It rushed out twice because the runner is afraid of the tools. Tithonium was to sneak some brutal face checks at low credits but in reality the points were too valuable to give up the runner had redundant or heap breakers. HHN was mostly a dead card because runners are rich.

23 Apr 2019 Ajar

I like this agenda mix a lot, but it does seem a little antisynergistic with Punitive -- they can decline to steal your only 5/3. Do you think the Punitives are still worth it?