I'll give you entertainment...

zmb 167

This deck is a ton of fun, and often people are a bit bewildered about how to play against it. Kitsune always goes on remote. Put it in front of a Beale and let runner access an Award Bait advancing the Beale for free, or if runner is tagged let him access a Kitty. Install everything and never advance. You want to score an agendea every other turn -this deck looses hard if runner is on 5 or 6 points, so money up and score! Best agendas to get scored varies on matchup, but AR and Beale are top priorities. Game Changer are awesome for an overadvanced Beale, or even scoring 2 unadvanced laying on the table that the runner thought was a News Team. Remember to rez your Franchise City's when runner runs last click. Game Over and Amani Senai are rough with so many agendas. I have trashed full rigs making the runner dirt poor if they want to salvage something -and breakers does not really matter against this deck. Film Critic is a must trash, so either GO them or try to have the runner end up tagged last click serving him some Hard-Hitting News.