Titan RLC (4-1 @GothCon SC)

Siegl 646

Go fast! Get the Atlas train rolling and don't look back.

RLC does a ton of work in the deck, giving you whatever you need to score:

  • drawing into combo pieces and using them on the same turn

  • drawing to be able to Audacity

  • 1 free credit when you need it to score

  • installing EBC to get a ReCo clicklessly

  • installing CVS clicklessly to get rid of clot

Not sure about Caduceus, depends on the popularity of link runners.

21 Apr 2019 zmb

I love the RLC include! Not sure about Caduceus though. Did you consider Errand Boy? Very good ice for FA Titan IMO. Against trashing decks I would think some recursion would be nice? Either Preemptive Action or Archived Memories seems like a good idea

22 Apr 2019 Siegl

@zmbYes, the previous iteration had Errand Boy and they are a solid choice. I just wanted to try out Caduceus in that slot, now that it's back in rotation. EB is probably still better.

Archived Memories is too difficult to include due to the influence. Preemptive Action is possible to try, but the slots are tight. Not sure what I'd cut.

23 Apr 2019 errantmage

What's your plan for Rashida Jaheem? Do you see it consistently firing out of this list?

23 Apr 2019 zmb

@Siegl I would cut all the Rashida Jaheem the Executive Boot Camp for Preemptive Action and more cheap ETR ICE, like a Meru Mati and also Sapper to delay runner if they loose a breaker. I almost never build a server in FA Titan that stays until after last click -especially so with only 11 ice :-)