Run Economy Kit (1st @ Utrecht SC)

DoubleK 246

A run economy based Kit deck that I've been tinkering with for a while now and really enjoyed playing it. It feels very synergistic when firing on all cylinders.

Cyberdelia, Kyuban, and Dirty Laundry give you money for breaking ice and getting into servers. This together with Kit's ability, Engolo, System Seizure and Takobi allow you to break ice very efficiently. The end result is that quite often you don't lose any money breaking into servers and sometimes actually profit from it.

Typical run might look something like this: Dirty Laundry a server --> use Kit to turn first ice into a code gate --> use Takobi to boost Engolo to strength 5 --> it keeps its strength until the end of run because of System Seizure --> spend 1-3 credits to break the ice --> gain 1-3 credits from Cyberdelias --> get a Takobi counter --> gain 2 credits from Kyuban --> use Engolo to turn next ice into a code gate if it isn't already --> no need to boost Engolo again because of System Seizure --> spend 1-3 credits to break the ice --> gain a Takobi counter --> gain 2 credits from another Kyuban --> access and then gain 5 from Dirty Laundry for a successful run.

Engolo is your main breaker and a great card on its own, but gets even better with Kit's ability. It's often the only breaker you need. This is why System Seizure is really good in this deck, since usually you only need to boost that one breaker and it keeps its strength for the duration of the run. It also combines perfectly with Takobi, so you don't even spend credits boosting Engolo. System Seizure also doubles up as a nice zero cost current to clear those annoying Scarcities. For deeply iced servers you may need to get out another Engolo, Inti or Ika as a support breaker. I like how Inti + Takobi deals with a lot of commonly played strength 4 barriers like Eli and IP block efficiently. I'm also considering testing Pelangi in this deck.

This deck can be a bit slow to set up, but once it's up and running it's pretty hard to keep out of servers. Kit's ability with Engolo and three Stimhacks are quite good at preventing early rushes while setting up. Win condition is usually R&D lock with R&D Interfaces, but The Gauntlet can also win you games from HQ.

For non-ice related corp shenanigans, you have Misdirection against tags, Feedback Filter against net damage and Film Critic for defensive agendas and Punitive Counterstrikes. It struggles against asset spam. Sea Source into Exchange of Information can also be a problem.

The deck helped me to a 1st place in a small tournament in Utrecht, winning against Mirrormorph and Jinteki PE, dropping a game against The Outfit that managed to snipe my Engolo with SDS Drone Deployment at the right time to score out before I could find another one. All the games were closely contested and the deck was still a blast to play. Thanks to all my opponents for the good games!

24 Apr 2019 Longi

Congrats on regults! I played similar build and Gebrselassie was a star. Unlike the System Seizure its effect lasts whole turn plus its hardware.

24 Apr 2019 DoubleK

@Longi Cheers! Yeah Gebre is also a great card with Kit! I just ended up with System Seizure because I wanted a current to clear corp currents and I didn't have influence or a restricted slot for Employee Strike. I really wanted to keep Film Critic as restricted card instead with all the defensive agendas around. I only tend to run once per turn since Kit and Cyberdelias only work once per turn, so I find System Seizure fits to that pattern perfectly.