Fort Knox

infinitejester00 41


Tired of all these stabby foxxes trashing your defenses?
Looking for ways to tax Laamb and Engolo?

Then this is the deck for you.

The key is intelligently setting up your central defenses based on your match-up. Knowing where to put your Crisiums and whether you need to dedicate Jinjas/Surveyors/Border Controls on R&D (look and see if their ID is green) makes a huge difference. Getting a Crisium on archives right when Stabby Foxx is running low on econ can set them back so much.

Then work on getting the remote Jinja train rolling. Surveyor+Rime is glorious, and all of the other ice lines up very well against everyone's favorite, Laamb and Engolo. If, for some reason, your huge surveyors don't save you from the Turtle, then you've got a panic button in the form of Cyberdex Virus Suite (also good for denying Pelangi)

I've had good success against most runners, especially the many ice destruction builds, but have struggled against aggressive econ-denial Crim. You can win, but often times it comes down to getting the right draws early in the game.