Stabby Euregio MaxX (Euregio Winner 2019)

dome_ 599

This deck went 7-1 in the Euregio tournament. It was a great day. Sadly this deck has no special cards. It's a great deck. Only call was to play The Turning Wheel over Feedback Filter because I did not expect too much PE.

29 Apr 2019 adquen
29 Apr 2019 dome_

I forgot to change Inject into Peddler. Thanks for asking!

2 May 2019 ptc

Any ideas on making this MWL 3.2 complliant now that Labor Rights and Laamb have hit the restricted list?

3 May 2019 dome_

That's indeed an interesting question. So far I had no idea since you want to keep all three. Laamb, Labor Rights, and Crowdfunding. You can switch to Engolo and put spooned in instead of Knifed. Than you have to add Corroder and Trope. Now it may be MWL 3.2 compliant but not that strong anymore. I would say you should switch to Reg Val to experience nice Anarch gameplay.