Throne of Money 3.2.3 (3-0 vs Daine/BraveLiltoaster/Ditaki)

Grimwalker 638

Fairly linear derivation of the familiar Chaos Theory Cantrips archetype. However, since Laamb is now restricted, the opportunity cost of being Olivia is a bit diminished, so I've tried it out of other IDs.

Lat is lovely, you should try him. The extra draw is the sprinkle of sea salt onto the caramel of the draw/money package.

I've gone back and forth whether 3 Cache/3 Spec Work is better than 6 Exclusive Party, but in a very close decision, saving influence that can be used on Blueberry Diesel, plus C/SW is slightly more bursty and EP can take time to ramp up. A Cache drop also can sweep spent Pelangi/Lady into the heap for a Levy.

Basic strategy is rip through the deck the first time, amass a giant throne of money, install your permanents, and make high value runs. Best case scenario is to Comet Insight into Clones are Totes Dudes. Mulligan hard for Comet, but if you don't have any money in a Comet hand just getting the tempo train started with cantrips is better.