Immortal Sun Glacier: Corporations Are People Too (Slim Edit

Whitemage7 23

This is my slimmed down (49 card) version of Di4na's decklist of the same name. It went 1-2 in the Swiss of the recent online Nisei championship... so not that great (darn Citadel Sanctuary messing up my Punitives!), but it sure is fun to play.

Taking a cue from the comments to Di4na's deck, this copy includes a Public Support to get that last point. I also dropped the current, since Employee Strike is no longer Public Enemy No. 1.

The plan is classic Weyland glacier with Punitive threat: make money, put down big ice, and blow up any runner foolish enough to provoke you. (Unless they hide in a future cyber-church.)

9 May 2019 Di4na

I'm really happy to see other people picking this up! It is indeed fun as hell. I think it's definitely better positioned now that Strike and Laamb got hit.

10 May 2019 Shishu

I'm not really sure I like Building Blocks with Chiyashi when people are doing nonsense with that Wu deck. And even though I like Gatekeeper, having more than two feels bad if they're your only ice and you have to install/rez both....

12 May 2019 Whitemage7

In the cut I won twice with Punative before getting knocked out by another Rogue Trading/Citadel Sanctuary deck (419). The prevalence of such decks is my biggest cause for concern about the deck right now; skipping big ice with their console and immunity to most Punatives makes victory difficult.

I agree that the new MWL changes have made the deck better; I'm not sure I'm aware of the Wu deck that could cause problems.