Serious Girl

Whitemage7 23

Most important thing first: Smoke is my best girl, so when I copied off boreira's Best Girl I Ever Had I knew I needed a new title. Leela seems pretty serious, and after last weekend's Swiss I'm serious about her, so here we are.

Speaking of last weekend: this deck went 4-0 in the Nisei online tournament (Sunday edition), securing me my first ever placement above the cut. We'll see how Leela and I do together this weekend.

The deck is pretty similar to boreira's, but the main difference being that I took out Engolo and used the influence to lean more heavily into the credit denial angle. I'm not sure if that makes for an improvement on the deck to be honest, but my credit intake tended to be high enough that I could afford my fancy expensive new Decoder, so I don't think the loss was too great. Threw in Bochkin and he didn't do much; he fits in well enough with the style that I might keep him in, but would consider putting PolOp back in to deal with Daily Quests.

10 May 2019 boreira

wow congrats on the top cut and good luck on sunday! was strugling with going for amina or engolo for this tournament but in theend messed it up too much

10 May 2019 boreira

but to be honest I would never cut The Class Act even going for 3 of them make sense

12 May 2019 Whitemage7

I think you might be right about The Class Act.

After the cut I lost to a combo Sportsmetal-might have gotten it if I'd played a little more aggressive. The only other game I played with the deck was against an Asa glacier; it was anybody's game when my opponent had to drop suddenly, leaving me a default win.

13 May 2019 boreira

Jinja Sportsmetal is hard to follow for anyone now but I try with 3x The Class Act 3x Deuces Wild and no hotel