Val Paige Piper, now with extra consistency!

CryptoGraham 457

Initially this deck was a purist Omar deck but it felt very stilted. Archives always seemed to get zipped up and it felt difficult to get money going and the pressure on.

What I was primarily interested in was being able to get the gas to set up faster with something like Frantic Coding but not have to spend influence on Levy. While researching Frantic I found a fantastic ruling I found interesting:

  • UFAQ [Michael Boggs] > If the Runner uses Paige Piper to find and trash the other copies of the card installed by Frantic Coding, are the rest of the cards looked at still trashed?

No. Paige Piper interrupts the resolution of Frantic Coding, and as a search effect it shuffles the stack. After this, the cards that were looked at can no longer be confirmed and referenced, so the rest of Frantic Coding’s ability fails to resolve.

And this reminded me that Paige Piper is a card that exists and I hit upon a great idea!

What if you used Paige Piper to directly filter your bin breakers into the bin? What if you used her to put your unique characters directly into the bin? What if you installed Crowdfunding and then immediately dropped them into the trash, ripe for the install?!

You can use Paige Piper to filter upwards of 14 cards out of your deck as dead draw and just start zooming.

Val's ability is amazing and really helps boost your bin breakers. If you're extra clever too, you can make the corp have 3-4 bad pub to let you lock any server you choose. The rest of the tools are all either disruption (Maw and Bhagat and Stargate) or to help you set up (Deuces Wild, I've Had Worse and Inject).

Good luck and happy filtering!