Virus piper (1st in this one game I had on jnet)

Limes 422

A couple of nice synergies with this deck:

  • Pelangi combos really nicely with Knifed and Yusuf, and Knobkierie allows you to keep adding viruses to the Pelangi.

  • I really liked the Paige Piper/Crowdfunding combo popularized by greyfield, so definitely wanted to include that.

Most of the rest of the deck is just good anarch cards and enablers for the above two concepts. Trypano is mostly useful as another source of viruses when the corp purges, getting you back to running faster, but it can be useful destroying nasty pieces of ice too. Acacia helps you get back on your feet faster after a purge too.

The main things to be wary of are Ark Lockdown and various "death by a thousand cuts" Jinteki decks. The former will remove your main sources of income and your breakers, and the latter will cause you to run out of cards a bit too quickly if you lean too heavily on Paige Piper.