RoughOutfit (1st Cologne GNK)

Pinsel 1520

Similar to other Outfit list this deck makes a lot of money and threatens HHN/Punitive to score Agendas. Not playing 3 Hostiles in Outfit felt wrong especially when you try to score two 3-pointers and a Hostile.

In Order to still be able to punish runners that can handle Punitive regardless of credit difference I played closed Accounts SEA Exchange. This also works well with four 2/1 agendas that are good archer fodder and can punish runners that float an occasional tag. In my games, i never killed the runner but won by scoring or exchanging the last points.

Roughneck Repair Squad was amazing. After having amazing starts with TBTF and hostiles, this card reliably makes you even more money and sets you up for the midgame since the runner has to pay his own money to get into your servers. Hostile + Roughneck is 14 credits and a point for 7 clicks and Trebuchet without having to deal with the bad pub is amazing for just 4 credits.

The ICE suite and influence spread on the tag punishment needs some refinement, but i think this deck has a lot of potential

12 May 2019 mrteatime66

Congratulations! :)

13 May 2019 Vortilion

Congrats! ;-) Was an intense game.