Spombo Wombo (#4 NISEI online, 6-1)

lostgeek 1896

published by AlwaysBeRunning.net

12 May 2019 ayyyliens


12 May 2019 JacktheScott

Alright I need the DL please explain the combo. I see the pieces but if you could enlighten me on the process that'd be helpful. Thanks.

13 May 2019 mo0man

Basically, you need 2x Team sponsorship, 1 Arella, and a breaker bay grid on the table, plus 2x Calibration testing in hand, in archives, or installed. Basically, you score an agenda, then use Arella plus the team sponsorships to install an agenda plus 2x Calibration testings in the same remote as the Breaker bay grid. Repeat until you have 7 points.

The exact things you have installed might be changable, but that's the basic combo. In order to set up the combo, you can use Fast Break to make sure you have the things in hand or installed, and Game Changer to make sure you have enough clicks, or if you have excessive amounts of money you can not include BBG, and so on.

14 May 2019 lopert


  1. How do you actually keep combo pieces on the board. With no Giordano Memorial Field, seems rough against "check/trash everything" runners.
  2. Have you looked at NEXT Sapphire as "extra architects"? It doesn't ETR but I'm not sure that's a big concern of this deck.
  3. What about Restore? Seems like a great way to recover any of the required pieces pre-score.
  4. Lastly, any tips on dealing with Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist?
14 May 2019 lostgeek

1) Depends on how the Runner is approaching your stuff. If they are just going all-in, build your Arella + BBG server behind some pieces of ICE. Preferably Mother Goddess if they have no way in. You're ok losing some combo pieces trashes, because they typically can't keep up the tempo and trash everything. Also in the case of Upgrades, try "defending" them with Domestic Sleepers. If they trash them, you at least got something out of it.

2) Code Gate breakers are pretty ubiquitous right now and deck slots are tight, but I think that could be fine as the next best ICE, if you want to go to higher numbers.

3) Restore is fine but once again a question of slots. Archived Memories is more universally useful and can be used to either fetch your Game Changers, or lost combo pieces, because in the end you often have a large surplus of clicks anyways.

4) In the beginning: mulligan for ICE and protect HQ. Then, if you draw into Vitruvius, score it out in whatever way possible. It is vital to only give them 0/1 point agendas. In the cut, I managed to win against a Leela on 8 agendas (1 Vit, 4 1-pointers and all 3 Domestic Sleepers, if I'm not mistaking).

Finding ways of feeding the right agendas is pretty central, because you'll be needing every single credit and every single click to advance your stuff. In general, once you're set up, it is 2 clicks and 1 credit per agenda. So every Vitruvius you find during your combo helps you a lot. Grab them with The Future is Now, if possible. Also if they're not running the stuff you're putting down, try being cheeky with some Research Grants.