[SOCR9] Hungry Starfox - Top 16

mbzrl 144

This is the runner deck I used for the 9th Stimhack Online Cache Refresh tournament. I ended up with a record of 3-3, though keep in mind that 4 games were close, and 2 of the losses were not close at all! So I could have done a lot worse.

The basic premise is to get Stargate out really fast. The rest is econ and tricks for accessing cards when you only have Eater to break ice. Wanton Destruction was surprisingly great, and you want to try to hit it the turn before you start Stargating. Once R&D is shored up you should really stop Stargate and move onto destroying the remote, I think I spent too long trying to Stargate in a few matches.

There's a couple of cute combos here - Queen's Gambit into Because I Can; Retrieval Run for Stargate -> Stargate R&D -> Run HQ (and force ice rez) -> Quest Completed the remote, install however many Crowdfundings have been trashed.

Some of the games, where I had Laamb early, played out like this is just Stabby Fox but worse. It's nice to have different lines of play when you don't know what MaxX is going to give you.

This deck is beyond retired for two reasons. You really need Labor Rights, the only recursion available in Cache Refresh, and Crowdfunding, the only reliable econ (which is already limited) MaxX has in the format. Secondly, due to the sideboarding nature of SOCR, any opponent could run 3 Crisium Grid if they knew I'd be leaning on Eater so much.

I'm very happy with my performance given the caliber of my opponents this tournament. This deck created a lot of interesting situations in each round. Thanks to everyone for the fun games, and to @Sanjay for running the tournament. I'm looking forward to the next round, and I'd encourage anyone who hasn't yet done a SOCR to try it out! It's a lot of fun.