[SOCR9] Double Rainbow - Top 16

mbzrl 144

This is the corp deck I used for the 9th Stimhack Online Cache Refresh tournament. It's basically garbage but I hadn't played a Jinteki deck in one of these yet. It went 4-2, and the outcome of every game was determined by the order of the cards I drew.

I originally chose the ID thinking I could Fast Track (get a value cred) for SSL and let it be stolen, then later Install Agenda -> Focus Group (get a value cred) -> Yeet Image people by guessing all the cards right, killing cards and FAing points at the same time. Before my first round, when I discovered I'd have to play the fearsome @neuropantser, I decided I'd rather try to actually win, so I put this together instead. I kept getting paired up with players I was too scared to try to Yeet and just played this the whole tournament. Most of them sideboarded in Feedback Filter I'm pretty sure, so at least the Complete Image threat gave them fewer Stimhacks!

Some highlights are strength 3 Enigma vs Engolo, Rainbow at the bottom of the server ending the run, and Jinja City Grid turning into a Pad Campaign when both R&D and my remote had 5 ice on them and I kept mandatory drawing more. Some lowlights are strength 3 Enigma vs Amina, my one Letheia Nisei use was a net +3 to the runner on a Stimhack run, Bukhgalter running through Rainbow with Datasucker or Cyberfeeder to make free money in multiple matches, and losing every single TFP psi game where we were both above 1 credit.

The Rime and Rainbows are definitely meme ice but you're really just leaning on Surveyor anyway, so I don't think their inclusion hurt anything.

Anyway I won't be playing this again, but I will be playing in the next SOCR (I believe when Uprising comes out) and you should too! Thanks to all my opponents for the fun matches, and to @Sanjay for hosting the tournament! Looking forward to the next one.