Ulysses C(orporate) Grant - Sovereign of Subways Winner

CodeMarvelous 19749

This is what the corp says all game with their sad, defeated eyes...

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This deck was originally borrowed from friend of the Ghost Branch, Tolaasin, who had in turn gotten another version of it from Rotom Appliance. This is in no way a new build or revolutionary deck. It is just a good Leela deck put into 419 with more silver bullets and cred denial added. I added a tiniest bit of Marvelous spice and ground out practice games till I was above 90 percent.

The deck went 4-1 on the day and is an anti rush misery engine that has a strong game early, mid and late. Something that corps are not prepared for.

This deck was chosen over Leela because I correctly called that people would assume any 419 was on Security Nexus and try to rush out. When you pick Leela people know not to try rushing. This deck is designed to set up fast, take the corp's money, and hold them down when agendas pile up in HQ and RD.


3x Corporate Grant combos incredibly with 419 and installed Aumakua. People ALWAYS pay to not expose which means you are taking at least 2 credits from them every turn cycle.

3x Deuces helps you click compress against Obokata to draw cards, helps you clear tags after a HHN, and helps you recover Aumakua counters.

3x Diversion helps you bring people down from double digit credits back into credit hell. It also makes it so you can check every card against people who Mushin or NA Ambushes. My alt art was made by @sanjay but he doesn't have a storefront to buy them from!

3x Falsified is for finding key agendas: Sting, Chronos, Philotic. It also helps you not get baited into traps or wasting runs on NGOs. It also recovers Aumakua.

1x Legwork is a remarkable closer, people often glance at your 1-3 counter Turning Wheel and consider their HQ reasonably safe. In the tournament 2x games were won with full hand clears that came out of nowhere. It is also really good against Titan in those last turns of the game to find the GFI or Atlas that is hanging out in hand.

1x Special order is because I am coward and RNG screws me whenever I cut it. I used it zero times during the tournament but if I had cut it then I would have needed it.

2x Stimhack is another surprise. A lot of times against criminals people do their math based on credits and Inside Jobs. This destroys that math and often gives you the ability to run back after a Border Control is used.

3x Sure Gamble get that bread


I see your expensive, predictable Security Nexus and raise you affordable, reliable Paragon.


1x Citadel Sanctuary is another click compression tool, you frequently have more money than the corp so you can clear the one tag that CTM, Argus or Acme will give you for zero credits and zero clicks. Even without Power Tap this is devastating to a lot of corp strategies. Also, the mere existence of this card in your board state makes you much harder to kill with HPT and Punitive.

3x Crowdfunding is the one true Criminal restricted card. It synergizes super well with Corporate Grant and rewards you for ravaging their servers by taking a corp credit and giving you four free clicks of value.

2x Daily Casts will likely become "Baklan" Bochkin because I want to be able to derez ice to keep them poor more than I needed additional money. You can get the sweet ONR inspired Daily Casts HERE

1x Hernando Cortez is for pulling corps down from credit Olympus and putting them back into credit tartarus. It takes only 1-2 rezzes in most cases for the corp to go from 20+ credits to less than 5.

2x Turning Wheel is constant pressure and reward for running centrals, forcing ice rezzes, etc. You can get some rad ones HERE

1x Hunting Ground may have been the MVP of the tournament. I used it for effect in every single game I played. Data Raven, Data Ward, Komainu, Slot Machine, IP Block, all fall before the might of Apex's most borrowed card.

1x No One Home is for having a one card that instant kills SEA Source - Exchange of Information combo and also SIU garbage. It also just eats the first Hard-Hitting News that gets played. Also rad against snare!

3x PAD Tap is another great card. It is cred denial with Corporate Grant that costs you nothing. It gives you money OR it costs them money. My favorite use of this card is against Palana or Azmari where you can turn their corp abilities into things you also gain the money from.

2x Class Act is because card filtering is necessary to maintain a lock and effectively fight rush. If I think I am against a punitive deck I will hold it back and wait till I steal a 5/3 and then install it. The draw four after end of turn usually makes you unkillable.

1x Same Old is often for Legwork, Falsified and DoF.


3x Aumakua is efficient, especially with Hunting Grounds to protect it from IP Block. However, its true power lies in that once it is installed, corps ALWAYS pay the 419 tax. This means it is much easier to keep their credit totals low and control the game. You can get the incredible alt art Aumakua HERE

1x Bukhgalter is the great gift that NISEI gave us of Criminals actually being good at breaking sentries.

1x Corroder is the try hard fracter of choice

1x Engolo is better than Amina even though it provides no cred denial. It allows us to fight rush and force more rezzes. It also helps if we lose another breaker, or need to make runs to get Aumakua back to strength.

1x Rezeki is a stunningly good use of one influence. A single dripped credit can be game breaking when you are on the razors edge of keeping the corp down and trying to avoid Hard Hitting News. It also means you always have drip money even if you can't install Crowdfunding.

That's the deck. I love it a lot more than my opponents do.

I would like to thank my incredible teammates for being the best people in Netrunner and the organizers of the tournament.

19 May 2019 arccollie

This isn't Az

19 May 2019 CodeMarvelous

@arccollie Soft boi needs more hard tools

19 May 2019 lopert

Thoughts on Datasuckerover Rezeki in the "Baklan" Bochkin version?

19 May 2019 CodeMarvelous

@lopertthe Rezeki money is better than an often purged, hard to fill Datasucker. I tested it.

20 May 2019 mo0man

Apex's most borrowed card

Frowns in Apocalypse

20 May 2019 LeonardQuirm

@mo0manApocalypse doesn't get borrowed. All Apocalypse decks are Apex decks that are borrowing 40-something other cards and an ID.

20 May 2019 Grimwalker

@leonardquirm NoLiesDetected.gif

20 May 2019 CodeMarvelous

Back in the day @mo0manHunting grounds was borrowed way more than Apoc. Hunting grounds was in like every shaper and reg crim.

22 May 2019 Vortilion

Great deck, only The Outfit is like totally immune against it :-(

22 May 2019 Vortilion

Also Blue Sun...

22 May 2019 CodeMarvelous

@Vortilionnot really, corporate grant, diversion and repeated forced rezzes on multiple servers can easily break those corps. In fact Outfit is the easiest to bring down in the mid game because they are usually on 2-4 bad pub.

22 May 2019 Vortilion

Hm, would love to see that. I played a lot gaes with this deck, and every time Outfit ran away with credits... And I' not sure if its a good idea to facecheck the ice when corp is on 30 or more creds... Some nasty ice out there. But I'll try to catch a game of you against outfit, that would be nice. ;-)