Papercut Val (London GNK 19/03/19)

Tamijo 20

This is a deck that is mostly thrown together on the Friday, but I was convinced I liked Paperclip Val. Everybody is locking down centrals or rushing out, so having a deck that should be good at beating one half of that felt like a winner.

The main features of this deck are: 3 Deuces Wild: Not exactly a standout feature, but I feel like the draw aspect needs to be stated. Deuces is probably the best 1 influence card in the game. No Current: Hacktivist feels kind of bad in this format. You can hope to be swerving the Asset heavy decks because they will get eaten by Au WuVoir and Crowdfunding decks, so I don't know if you need it. You're also Val, and you have things like Stimhack and Laundry which can fund your Asset Trashing nonsense. 1 Clone Chip: Being able to pull back Aumakua or Sucker felt like it was going to be really important, and so far it's just not come up much, sadly. I might be tempted to throw this for a third Falsified. 3 Hippo: I felt like Ice Trashing would still be relevant as people try to lock down centrals, and I'll be honest, I always, always wanted more. Even against CtM. (Though it was a non-Standard build.) If I keep the Clone Chip, I might look into a Chisel somewhere. 3 Clippy, 3 BlOrch: Rush decks are a nightmare to face when only 6% of your deck actually gets through that damn Wall of Static or whatever happens to be in your way. It's only a very small bump, but having extra ways to break through Ice is so important right now, and just being able to force your slower opponents to Rez Ice early and still challenge their centrals was also nice.

2 Falsified Credentials: This card should be way more influence. People are doing silly things with NGOs to create what you might have forgotten are called "Scoring Windows", in which you use your opponents lack of Resources to put an Agenda on the table and Advance it. It is such a novel idea, and Falsified makes your opponent resort to playing fair and balanced Netrunner, in which you keep your AGendas in hand until you can score them in one turn.

You can find my (very bad) CtM Corp Deck I played at this GNK here:

R1: Vs Kenny on CtM. Kenny came packed with a non-Standard version of CtM packed with Daily Quests. I've tried this myself, but I wasn't 100% on it. He was using it instead of Bankers (I think?) and it kind of often just left him a little poor as I just challenged it every time it came up, until I saw it on a central and decided bankrupting myself for it was a bad idea. He then drew and installed it and it triggered twice (I think), which made me a sad panda, as he was on like 3 credits at that point. At the start of the game I made some ambitious face-checks and tried to keep myself on just enough to make HHN not just kill me. I challenged a couple of face-downs behind IP Block and Slot Machine, and was rewarded with 5 whole points. I ended up making a couple of dodgy runs and got covered in tags. He finds an ARES, Scores it, then Exchanges it to me so that I can't just win off a single access. I Rebirthed into Omar and ended up bumping into a 6 strength Resistor (lol) and started to lose steam. Eventually I ground up some money, Hippo'd the R&D Ice, and then just hammered it every turn until it eventually gave me points. I really enjoyed playing both games against Kenny, and enjoyed watching him play against my partner in R4 later that day.

R2: Vs Sergio on Argus. We had like 3 minutes for this game, so I T1 installed Turtle, then just ran as much as possible. Over the first two turns I ran R&D, then HQ 3 times. I hit Audacity, something else, and 2 SSLs. I then ran a remote and hit Prisec. I probably should've taken the one SSL and braced myself for a potential Punitive, but I didn't get punished and time was called.

R3: Vs Steff on NEXT Jinja. He managed to make a very early Jinja on a remote, and eventually it has like 5 Ice on it. I just concede that it's not going to happen and attempt to crack into Centrals. I see nothing with just single accesses and don't find a Wheel. He wins on like turn 7 or 8.

R4: Vs Sam on Building a Better World. Honestly I've got no idea what I'm supposed to do here. Everything was expensive to run, and he was constantly just on 20+ credits. I think he started on double Hedge and IPO over the first two turns, and the game kind of ended then, but we continued to play until eventually I got double Punitived to death off an SSL.

2-2, which I was disappointed with, but I think the deck has legs. I might be interested in a third Wheel, and maybe a second Aumakua over the Clone Chip? I'm not sure. I just want more ways to pressure my opponents. The deck felt like it had the draw and the money.