Wowhead Remastered, 2-3 at Sovereign of Subways

Banknote 1

Went 5-5 at Sovereign of Subways last weekend and had just a great time. This was the slightly weaker of the two decks, but the games felt good and mostly I think my losses were close. Considering Corp is in a bit of a tough spot now, I'm pretty pleased with how the deck handled.

Basic strategy - get money, build up a taxing remote, protect R+D and play the Never Advance game. You have plenty of Assets and Upgrades to jam into the remote and tempt them into running. If you can score a Remastered early, every card could be 2-3 points.

A few cards might be misplaced. Standard Procedure net me 8c a couple of times, but other times a measly 2c. The big reason to run 2 of these over 3 IPO is they can help you come back from low credits, which can be a problem for this deck if the runner is playing around your ID. 7 credits to score an agenda can be rough.

Probably worth finding room for Attitude Adjustment, because even with only 8 Agendas they can clutter up HQ if the remote doesn't feel safe, and that's the last place you want them.

I'm really on the fence with Vulnerability Audit. Might be better as a Sales Team, but damn it feels good to score one. Of course, it feels just as bad when the Runner steals one.

The Snares were a last minute swap the night before the tournament, and they paid off. Not only was our whole team on Snare! (very rude), but my two victories were both Snare kills. Make of that what you will I guess.

SoS Matches:

Round 1 L - Maxx. Light flooding and some unlucky accesses cost me the game. Opponent played it well, though they were out of cards and recursion, and if I had defended centrals a little better might have been able to keep them out.

Round 2 L - Freedom. Could not keep him out of centrals, and went too low on credits due to a poorly timed score. Just kept hitting those centrals and getting points while I struggled to get back into the game.

Round 3 W - Edward Kim, the original Demo Derby creator. Good ICE placement and baited runs meant I scored 6 points to her 2. Slot Machines made me crazy money this game. Felt secure in scoring out, but needed to find my last agenda. Runner was sure I had it in HQ, Stimhacked in only to find one of the two Snares! I was holding onto. Silly ending to a good game.

Round 4 W - Freedom. Even sillier game; bluffed a Snare! as an undefended Rashida turn 2. He took the bait and flatlined. Since the game was so short we played another, and had a real nail-bitter which I ultimately lost.

Round 5 L - Wu. No frills, good programs, Khusyuk for 4. Maybe the best game of the day, both sitting on game point and running out of steam. I had the winning agenda in a pretty tightly locked HQ, but he was able to dig through R+D to find 1 of 2 remaining agendas his last turn. Felt like a great game.

In conclusion, this deck has some potential, Snare! is my favorite card, and I had a wonderful time at SoS. Many thanks to my teammates, my opponents, and everyone who made it happen!