(Stargate Paige deck) Feedback appreciated

Murse 89

I have been playing casually with this deck for 2 weeks or so and love how it pilots. I dont have much time for online games so my experience with the deck is limited to the 2 (or so) times a week I can play with my brother or brother-in-law. Have faced a whole lot of HB, but not much else. I really want to know if this deck has game vs NBN, Jinteki, and Weyland too, or if I'm deluding myself in thinking this is a good deck. Thanks in advance for any advice! You're a great community!

21 May 2019 x3r0h0ur

This actually looks like a very novel Idea. It might be overkill but it would be interesting to see this with Gravediggers installed.

22 May 2019 BlackCherries

My question is why run this in Reina Roja? There's no derez/rez cost pressure included and it's mostly a goodstuff deck. Could probably use a boring ID like Val and be better off.

23 May 2019 Shishu

Eater is overkill since Stargate is only once per turn and you don't have any other access replacement stuff (Wanton Destruction, Diversion of Funds, etc). Putting in the 3rd Hippo and some cutlery might justify it, but I still don't think that's slotting 3 extra breakers.

Hostage doesn't seem worth the influence since the connections you're using aren't essential to the deck; Paige Piper is fine, but you can probably just get her naturally if you put in the standard anarch draw package (3 Inject and 3 I've Had Worse). 3 Kati is definitely overkill when you can play Liberated Account at 0 influence.

I agree about Reina being a bad choice identity-wise. Val might be a little slow, but you could probably stick in some Datasuckers and Yusuf and play Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist instead.

23 May 2019 Gwarmageddon

Hey - interesting deck. Had the same idea with CF and Paige (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/55751/garbage-recycle - didn't bother to write up like all my jank), pretty disgusting combo! Kati was an auto-include for me too with the likelihood of redrawing hostage. How does this go for tempo?

23 May 2019 Gwarmageddon

Sry - deck updated to netrunnerdb.com