Prickly PE (SoS 6-4)

Decksmith 137

This deck is a labor a love that I spent a long time working on, pre downfall it was strong but with the inclusion of sting the strength has increased tenfold.

This deck has a few things of note; The Future is now, which lets you get philotic into your hand then score our with Biotic for an easy, under the right circumstances.

Sting does sting things, we all know people forget about the net damage and whatnot.

Stock Buy-Back is great for when they have a bunch of stolen agendas.

Crisium is somewhat necessary at this time due to the strength of events.

Hostile is great Freedom tech; but I rarely use outside of that specific matchup.

----Credits---- A huge thanks to a few people whos brains I picked for different iterations of this deck, and whos ideas I finally combined into this. @Shishu @Tugtegut @AnalyzeChris @Xerohour @Shiiuga

22 May 2019 Radiant

No Snare!?!

28 May 2019 Decksmith

@Radiantno snare. There really wasnt a way to slot it here; I tried and it just felt bad. Breached is better for this deck cuz it can hit repeatedly from anywhere, and it locks people out of archives if i throw an obo in there for safety.