"No Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Buy!" (Divert Power Spark)

Maj.Apollo 67

Historically the big problem with Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach has been that once you rez all your advertisements, your ID doesn't do much unless your deck is nothing but ads.

...But what if you could rez your advertisements more than once? Enter Divert Power. The plan is simple: Make the runner poor by rezzing 0-cost advertisements and ice, and then use Divert Power to do it all over again! Meanwhile you can rez absurdly expensive ice like Hydras, Tollbooths, or Thoth for a measly 2 credits. Now that's a deal if I've ever seen one.

The endgame here is to build up one extremely taxing scoring server with all your big ice and covering your centrals with your 0-cost "trash ice." From there, you can just advance your big agendas if the runner is poor enough, and you have Hard-Hitting News and Psychographics as a backup plan. This deck can pretty consistently drain at least 1 credit per round, and you can often get as high as 2 early on or after a big Divert Power. Naturally this makes a lot of runners spend a while setting up, and because of Pop-up Window, Tiered Subscription, and Product Placement, many runners won't want to run anyway.

All in all, thanks to those in the Atlanta scene for letting me make them poor with this truly silly deck.

22 May 2019 Mindmonkey

Hm, I'd probably cut Calvin B4L3Y for another copy of Econ Warfare (after all it's such a fun card). Have you considered CSR Campaign for additional card draw?

22 May 2019 Steamwood

You will want some currents in here because this deck rolls over and dies against Hacktivist Meeting! Fun idea though, I made one without Hydra a couple months back...I'm definitely putting that in now.

22 May 2019 SourSweet

Cut Calvin, splash in two June bugs and you will guarantee win alooot more games, why? Cause they are totally unaspected. combine the Junebugs with the agenda Remastered addition which you can both use to either score out a 3/2, or just add another 2net damage on a Double advanced June! 6net gives you the kill!!.. over and out

23 May 2019 EnderA

Scarcity would be pretty good, locking out some of their econ while pummeling them with other denial.

I too think CSR Campaign would be better than Calvin B4L3Y. It's an advertisement, no influence, and clickless.

23 May 2019 Japoco

A. Love the name B. Always interested in ways of utilising Divert Power, I think it’s a super interesting card! C. Any thoughts of finding space for Congratulations?

24 May 2019 Saan

Congratulations is bad with the HHN plan. HHN only works if the runner is poor, and giving the runner money for running through your ICE isn't helpful toward this goal. Sure, it's an advertisement, and that works with your ID, but again, you end up giving the money right back to them.

25 May 2019 Maj.Apollo

To address a couple of things: Firstly, I agree that some current (probably scarcity) would be pretty good here since I imagine Hacktivist Meeting would destroy this deck. Luckily I haven't had to play against much of it (somehow).

Secondly, I somehow missed that CSR was an Advertisement (I guess I'll blame the new card layout for that one, but it's really on me). With that in mind, it may very well be a better include, but there's still one big advantage for Calvin: He's a 0-cost card that the runner will rarely want to trash, giving you one more card for Divert Power that you don't care about rezing and derezing over and over. I'm also not a huge fan of CSR's rez-to trash ratio, but being an advertisement does make it a bit more appealing...