Stealth Wu

allofthemarbles 158

This is the runner list I took to 1st place at the Pittsburgh regional.

Wu for SMC + Cold Read / Stimhack lets you set up quickly and contest against rush. By the mid/late-game, stealth can often get you to a place where you're breaking even - or making money - on central runs and building up Turning Wheel counters to boot.

Spec Work is nice because it lowers the cost of teching in situational programs like Misdirection and Paricia; 2 clicks for your Wu ability + Spec Work and you can gain 3c, draw 2 cards, and thin your stack.

My flex slots were: Deuces Wild, Mirror, Film Critic, Stimhack, and BlacKat.

They could have easily been a combination of: Turntable, +Cyberdelia, Paperclip, Freedom Through Equality, Beth Kilrain-Chang, +Spec Work, and Falsified Credentials.

26 May 2019 aunthemod

Love this deck!

26 May 2019 CodeMarvelous


27 May 2019 Breaker0neNine

Great deck, awesome use of spec work, I was really surprised when you installed misdirection in our last game until you did that next. Thanks again for the exciting games!