John Kramer's Memory Game (3-0 Cambridge GNK)

Rahrhino 130

Want to play a game?
Yeah, so it's a Mushin/Salem's/Complete Image deck. If you're thinking about building something similar I would also recommend checking out this deck which has a great write-up and some compelling ideas that are a little different to my build.

Win cons
A) Kill through operations when the runner is on a low amount of cards or has multiple copies of the same card in hand
B) Kill through accesses for the careless/unlucky runner
C) Score out for the careful runner

All of my agendas have BITE. They all damage in some way to help you set up a Complete Image kill. HoK is a real pain for the runner early and allows you to set up a horrendous board state. Philotic and be IAA/Mushin'd and left on the table as pseudo Ronin or never advanced to fake a snare (ready to score out with).

Your usual Spiky bois for central accesses. IAA your NGOs and leave them on the table then pop them for some surprise Snare! firing or ICE rezzing when low on credits. Cerebrals were the MVP of the tournament, setting up 2 Complete Image Kills.

Complete Image is the core card of the deck and your primary win con. Your ID and other cards allow you to reduce the runner's hand size and have good information on what's in there so you can land them reliably. Salem's helps this and is also your tech against I've Had Worse. Mushin allows you to build your board state quickly to threaten scoring out and force runs. Neural EMP is a poking tool to tax cards and snipe key cards - use it if the runner drew last click/used Class Act. Wake Up Call is for Film Critic, Feedback Filter, Nexus or anything that increases hand size. Enforced Curfew for that faux brain damage to make kills/Obokata protection easier.

All your ICE does stuff even if they can break it. Kakugo fires your ability reliably, Data Loop prevents Obokata steals and makes the runner nervous. Slot Machine allows you to see what the runner is drawing into... REMEMBER THIS INFORMATION - this is what's going to get you Salem's/Complete Image kills. Pop-Up Window because I needed a 1 inf NBN card :P

Win vs Leila: Ran a double advanced Cerebral leading to a complete image kill
Win vs Gnat: Ran a Mushin'd Cerebral after threatening to score out, leading to a complete image kill after running a Slot Machine then drawing
Win vs Wu: Scored out after 5 consecutive turns of IAA just as 2 Film Critics and a Feedback Filter hit the table... Phew!

It would be interesting to play again with the runners knowing the contents of the deck. For instance, I was counting on people slowing themselves down by finding and installing their killers only for them to be dead cards. I think a lot of people were expecting Junebugs which is why I didn't include any, instead going for the Cerebrals - maybe 1 would be okay though. I also have not tested vs credit denial or ice destruction strats which could be problematic as the deck is light on both of those. Some recursion would also be a shout as I almost lost all of my Complete Images to Clan Vengeance, lucking out by drawing my third and playing it immediately. It does feel fairly solid though and it's nice to be able to play fast and loose.

Thanks very much to Kikai for organising another excellent tournament! Thanks to everyone there including the guy who gave me 2 Rashidas and a Chaos Theory (I'm so sorry, I have a deficiency in remembering names)