Sportsmetal. Regionals! (1st Louisville Regional)

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Louisville Regional Winner. 2-1 on the day, but really 2-2. This is my previously-published "sportsmetal regionals?" deck with one adjustment: -1 Domestic Sleepers, +1 Mason Bellamy. Mason Bellamy is the best card I never used all day (or in my entire ANR career).

Round 1: Bye from store championship

Round 2: Win against SecNex 419. I couldn't find a Jinja in this matchup to save my life, but my econ held up, and I got a lot of ice. My opponent had a bit of trouble getting her econ going until about mid-game and, I believe, only had a turtle out for the majority of the game, which I was able to purge when I needed without losing too much tempo. We were a bit crunched for time toward the end of the match, but I was able to score out behind a glacier'd remote ftw.

Round 3: ID against @stoppableforce. Smartest thing I did all day was to ID this round. We played them out for funzies and I got crushed both games. (Here's a link to the stream: I basically got myself into a situation where my RnD would have to hold out against Stargate for two turns while I scored out ftw. RnD didn't hold out one turn. A Stargate'd SSL and a Mad Dash put this game away in fashion.

Round 4: Loss against Khusyuk Smoke. Tight game; full congrats to my opponent here. I mis-mathed on my opponent's ability to make a critical Khusyuk run, and he was able to get it off to the credit (damn you Pelangi!!!). Interestingly enough, the game didn't end there. To get in on the Khusyuk run, he went down to 0 clicks, had to take two tags from a Surveyor, and then host the winning Ikawah on FC. I trashed the FC the following turn, and then it became a desperate attempt on my end to protect Archives. Eventually my opponent swung over to HQ and accessed two cards with TTW and snagged the winning SSL.

Cut Round 1: Win against Leela vs @hutch9514. God, Leela makes me nervous! I rushed out an early-ish agenda, and then scored another when my opponent lost some tempo scoring one himself. Soon after that, my opponent followed up with a brilliant Doof into Embezzle into Legwork to put us on 6 points each. Then I almost got DQ'd on my second-to-last turn of the game!!! I installed a Hyperloop in the scoring remote, installed a Surveyor on top of the scoring remote, and then installed what I thought was an Ash on RnD to prevent a Leela steal ftw or bounce off Domestic Sleepers. My opponent ran RnD...and I realized I installed the wrong card! Luckily it was a Jinja, so technically the game state was still all right. Whew. Anyway, my opponent came up empty on RnD, swung over to archives to find a bunch of facedown ice, hit HQ, which I Border Control'd to stop him, and hit HQ again and came up empty (I had no agendas in hand). Great game. Hutch is one of the best Leela players I've ever seen.

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