Infinity Gauntlet (*ahem* at Euro 19)

deleriad 104

What do you do when you're facing 7 rounds of Netrunner at Euro 19: you play someone who wins or dies quickly. Plus I wanted to put Stargate and the Gauntlet together to fork the Corp. I added a cheeky Utopia Shard to enable some more HQ disruption for when Stargate has been turned off.

It started so well. Turn 1, face Argus, install Stargate, proceed to dismantle it like a pro.

Turn 2, Titan this time. OK. Liza hacks Titan. Two rounds in and she's beaten two Weylands. This is as good as it is going to get,

Turn 3. Gargarin, What is this, a Weyland magical mystery tour. Liza's luck runs out. Opponent kindly apologises for having an insanely good draw. 2 Tour guides, 2 Commercial Bankers, Rashida, a Zealous judge and top decking HPT on turn 3. My plan B of having short rounds with plenty of coffee time is working.

Turn 4. Oh look, it's Next Jinja next. I'm confident of this. Then triple ICE start followed by Hedge fund, Jinja (rezzed) and IPO. It didn't get any better for me after that. I made him work until a second jinja on HQ followed by VLC put me out of the game.

Turn 5. This time it's The Outfit. Turn 1 he ices a remote and installs something. Turn 2 I run for a Liza draw, do something, install SMC and stimhack the remote to sponsor a Laamb. It's a Border Control and he trashes it before I can use SMC. Next time I want to sponsor Laamb on a stimhacked SMC I'll do it on approach. 15 minutes later he consults for a HPT and it is game over.

Turn 6. Hey look, it's Argus again. I don't remember this but HPT was probably involved.

Turn 7. Palana. Thank the lord, it's not green. Admittedly by turn 2 he had all centrals iced and more money than God. R&D was Slot Machine, HQ was IP Block and archives was Anansi. Playing fast advance with Shipments and Biotic. Just not able to break the ICE cheaply enough to keep pressure on. He never built a remote for whole game. Just sat in his high castle and turtled.

Still, Liza went 1-1 vs Argus so that's something to take home.

It is a good deck? Probably not but it is fun.