The Art of the Beale

North 138

So I really liked the premise of AOYCR, and this is the result. Achieved 'A Reasonable Result' at Being Suitably Annoying.

Acme I think actually has one of the best ranges for the card, as there's almost always somewhere you can direct the runner based on their situation;

Money, but no AI; UCF is calling.

AI installed? Throw them at an IP Block, for a traceless tag that didn't require a run on their turn.

Breakers optional, low money, no AI - Hydra, Thoth, and Archangel if there's a good target.

If the runner does give you the point, then happy days - play another one and watch them squirm as they debate giving you multiple free points, which can also serve as more EOI targets. If they run, it'll either be a massive tempo hit (which will hopefully be worth more than you spent doing the thing), and perhaps set up for Closed Accounts/EOI. And we can all agree that EOI can end up being, for the runner, the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever.