Representing Purrrfection (5-2 @Euros 2019)

simili 326

Continuing the asset spam experience, this is the second iteration of my attempt to get a prison-thing working. It performed way better than expected, and I do really like the second win-con of scoring out, in case death by a thousand cuts doesn’t work out.

This kitty got claws. giphy.gif?cid=790b76115cfd64f86a416d5a4dbee015&rid=giphy.gif

The genius idea of including Genetics turned out to be only half as good as I first thought since I missed the part where it only limits draw on the runners turn, which an opponent kindly enough pointed out to me.. oops. Never get so excited about the first 2/3 of the card text so you forget to read the last 1/3. Still not a bad include, though.

It has been said that I should’ve won some prize for most rude play of the day, against @paulyg when I scored a Viral the turn after resource-Andy was installed. Awful and awesome at the same time (I’m still sorry, Paul).

Match-ups were Leela, Smoke, Jesminder, Hayley, Ed Kim, MaxX and Val, where only Smoke and Hayley walked away. One where Shaper did Shaper-things, and one where R&D handed out agendas like confetti.

Overall a very fun, and imo versatile, deck. Many thanks to @Jakuza and @TugtetguT for helping me practice and refining, and also thanks to @mrteatime for deck building discussions and keeping the excitement of this deck up.

Massive thanks to every lovely runner I met during the weekend – you are all amazing. Seriously, my favorite part about netrunner has to be going to an event, knowing hardly anyone, and then leaving that event with a whole bunch of new friends.
See you next time!