Under Express Pressure (1st Swiss | 2nd Antwerp Regionals)

Cluster Fox 511

The morning of the Regional I had no idea what to play, I wasn't confident in my own decks and I had no inspiration so I hopped on NRDB and sleeved this one. It's almost card for card @Saintis 's Under Pressure deck that came 6th at Euros, the only change I made was I swapped out Blueberry!™ Diesel for Express Delivery. It's not hugely impactful but it shuffles your deck so if you bottom cards with Paragon, The Class Act or Slot Machine you have a chance of cycling them back quicker after you tutor one of your top 4 cards. I was happy with the choice.

So I ended up first in swiss, which has never happened to me before in 4 years of playing Netrunner. Leela beat Blue Sun, Titan Transnational, and Personal Evolution and then dropped a game to Palana where I got locked out. In the cut I won against The Outfit and lost against asset spam Political Dealings RP in the finals. My corp deck was Argus Security and the only game it lost all day was in R2 of the cut, to @Ryanbantwins' Smoke who eventually won the tournament.

So just a quick shoutout to some of the cards, because I think the deck pretty much speaks for itself.

Corporate "Grant": Some games it does nothing and it's only use is to turn off Scarcity of Resources. But against some corps who play close to their chest with credits, like Titan, it can be hugely impactful.

Emergency Shutdown: Oh man what a card. Derezzing a Chiyashi vs Blue Sun is so satisfying.

Clone Chip: Although I never used it, or don't think I ever even installed it, having it puts your mind at ease. Wouldn't cut it, you never know in this age of SDS Drone Deployments that you lose a breaker.

No One Home: Stellar include, saved my bacon at least once (to block Sting! damage). 10/10 would play again.

The second The Class Act: it's absolutely vital. I overinstalled Class Act in almost every single game, the card boost is fantastic.

Datasucker: I just wanted to point out, not once did I use Datasucker counters. But I suppose just having them is a deterrent to rez ice in certain situations.

Would I change anything? I don't know at this point, to be honest. Playing without Inside Job or Legwork was wierd I guess, but this is already a 46 card deck so what are you going to do. I may fiddle around with some minor slot changes but all in all I believe @Saintis created a very sound, strong deck for best girl Leela.

Thanks to all my opponents and friends who came out to play. Almost every single game came down to the wire and could have gone either way, they were all exciting and interesting. I haven't been in a very good place personally lately and having you awesome people around me and being able to take my mind off things has helped more than you guys know. Lots of love from me.