Regular Iain (Who needs Engolo)

Pinkwarrior 2334

Yeah thats right Regular Iain, I've been running this for awhile now got it finely tuned to the point it's easily winning most games. So why Iain? He fits the meta very well most corps can only really win through rush or kill against rush the corp activates your ID and allows you to forgo credits in favour of getting setup and getting in, against kill you can sit back and get the tools you need to win.

so yeah i lose 5 inf no bigy though since alot of crims are spending 4 inf on Engolo so that's pretty much all you need to swap to play Iain and go's to highlight the real problem with why crims so powerful right now, they have everything they need and nothing to spend Inf on. Also Amina is the better breaker sure its got less utility but when it comes to raw breaking power amina wins hands down which honestly says some thing with whats wrong atm it's basically criminals lady.

Other than that the deck is running basic crim good stuff the only real difference been that i managed to slot a Clone Chip in their to help plug the only thing crim doesn't have in faction recurrence.