1st Place Antwerp Regionals Perfecting asset spam since 2016

ryanbantwins 1961

This is the deck that I played at Antwerp Regionals (13 players). It went 3-2 with wins against Adam, Pirate Hayley and Leela and losses against Khumalo and 419.

Basically it's just a copy of my Pol Dealings MTI deck from last year. RP has a similar ability to protect your assets, so it's not a big loss. Besides Braintrust 2.0, CSR Campaign is the only real change. I was quite happy with it.

Sundew is not in the deck because I forgot that card existed again. But to be honest, I would probably only change my MHC for a Sundew because the other assets are just better. Unless there is a good HB ICE for this deck for 1 influence, so that I can swap my Marilyn Campaigns.

What can I say, I like asset spam. And as long as it's not too stong or too prevalent, it's actually really healthy for the Meta in my opinion.

12 Jun 2019 ayyyliens

Time to play chisel :p

2 Jul 2019 M0H4WK

What about architect? Giving you more assets xp. Well played Sir. Great job.