Momikaze v1.9

Chezni 48

Swiss army knife Sunny

Sunny is slow, but this deck attempts to offset that as much as possible by giving her enough tools to pressure the corp early while not compromising her lategame, and still keeping Sunny as Sunny.

The idea is that almost no card should should be a completely "dead" draw considering that most of the tools are unique or repeatable. This also means you have to have a lot of self-discipline, by forcing yourself to throw away your one-of's if they either aren't particularly good in a certain matchup, or if you don't have the time/opportunity to install them without losing tempo.

ProCon and the Supplier are your two big Hostage targets. After that, you can use them to tutor whatever you want whenever you need it (a common target for me is actually Corporate Defector after I get an R&D lock set up with Globalsec Security Clearance.

All-in-all, every card (in spite of being a one-of) synergies with the other cards, or directly with Sunny herself (mainly in the form of her extra MU and link). John Masonori is probably a stinker here, but it's nice to have against an asset spam deck, when you can potentially Jak Synclair run into an un-ICEd remote and draw a card for free. Likewise, if you have enough Power taps and Citadel on the field, you can just shake the tag anyway. That being said, should probably cut him for a Sports Hopper.

The biggest struggle is finding the money for your first Nexus (and finding the Nexus itself). Again, don't be over-protective of your one-of's. The safest time to run ICE is on click 1 when you have very little installed. Force the corp to show you (and spend money on) what ICE they have, then install your breakers in response to what they reveal. You can't afford to install your breakers right when you get them.

Good luck!