Engolo Kit - 1-4 at OTG MN Regional @ FFG

gophers79 15

I've never been great at the runner side of the game, and I think my piloting of this deck to a 1-4 record at the Off The Grid Minnesota Regional at Fantasy Flight Games is a testament to that, because I think the deck itself is good enough to win.

The plan (as it should be) is to get your money engine up early (The Artist/Rezeki), find your Engolo and RDIs, and then Spoon R&D over and over to lock it down.

In practice, that only worked one time, and I honestly did not play a Spooned all day. The deck took too long to get set up - I routinely was able to contest R&D only when the corp had the winning agenda in a three-deep remote. The one win this deck had was when I went tag-me and just started running through a double Data Raven R&D, hoping I could score out before the corp found their High-Profile Target (which, luckily, I did).

I tried to distill this deck down to only the essentials in order to execute the plan, but perhaps that distillation process is still ongoing. Any thoughts as to how to improve? I like the concept and I like the style of play, but it proved to be too slow to execute in reality.

18 Jun 2019 Orbital Tangent

It'd be faster if you were Wu and Rebirthed into Kit. 4 extra inf too. You often just need Engolo and Spooned. Kit is just bonus.

18 Jun 2019 mrmjb

Have you tried it out of lat?

18 Jun 2019 Aube88

Yes, set up is a challenge. I've tried that version, it works pretty well : www.netrunnerdb.com

1 Jul 2019 gophers79

@Orbital Tangent @mrmjb I am trying to run it out of Lat: Ethical Freelancer now, that provides a little more tempo. Also am running 2x Astrolabe versus 2x Daredevil, and 3x Crowdfunding / 2x Spooned. Gotta save the spoons for very special occasions.