Totally not theBigBoy's Board Man (3-1 1st of 8 @ Prague Re

Saan 2683

I took one look at thebigboy's Gagarin list, and my first thought was "what a mis-built piece of garbage."

So I took out a PAD Campaign and added in a NASX, for the super fringe case in which it's ability might let me get a better HHN trace or something. It never happened, but it's the principle of the thing.

Anyhow, the only game I lost was to this horrifying Hayley deck piloted by @Watzlav. I needed to see an SIU before he got his Forger down, and it just didn't happen. Honestly, it's a horrific matchup. I murdered everyone else, though, including

-a Hayley that I needed to SIU twice and HHN three times to finally get within murder range, thanks to Misdirection -a Freedom that was honestly just a little too aggressive for his own well being -A Leela that I pushed down an economical hole due to a forgotten SIU tag

My other deck was appoc Val, which is a damn fun time, and won all 5 games it played (4 in swiss, 1 in the top 3).

Cheers to all that attended, the people for running it, and Netrunner players in general for keeping the best game around alive for longer than FFG let it.

22 Jun 2019 Ajar

Board man gets paid!

22 Jun 2019 Saan

Board man mos def gets paid.

23 Jun 2019 TheBigBoy

NASX isn't strictly better then PAD. If you are holding both in your hand (which will happen if you have a big money lead and it's not worthwhile to install them), it's better to have 2 identical cards than 2 unique ones, since it hurts the runner's tracking of your hand when they poke HQ.

Checkmate Atheists.