SOCR9 Az (1st, 7-2 overall)

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Janktivist 212

This is the decklist I took into the final match against @webster's Mti deck (I lost that match, which forced a third game) and is, more or less, the same decklist @BlooMuse was piloting. I played with this basic list from the third round on, although I started the tournament on a tribal-1 Khusyuk deck. After my first loss with "Az-1 Khusyuk Sauce" in the second round, however, I decided to switch to something more nuts & bolts.

The idea is simple: get money, get breakers, and run SUPER AGGRESSIVELY (regardless of whether you have breakers). Cyber Feeders, Paragon, Data Suckers, and Crowdfundings will help keep your econ going, and Kati will sustain you for the long haul. (I maintain that she is pretty great in this format, though I know a lot of people feel she is too slow even in SOCR). RDIs will win your games. With so much Azmari, Mti, and Blue Sun in the field, I decided against Doofs, opting instead for cards I knew would always give me an econ advantage.

Flex spots included that second Kati for games I thought might be a slogfest, Direct Access for Mti (as well as changing up the number of IJs and SPs), Noto for Azmari, and a third Datasucker for everything else. I'll say that I got pretty lucky this entire tournament with my RnD accesses, and I'm sure a lot of my opponents will attest to that. Still, I think this is a pretty solid Az deck given the format restrictions, and I was really happy to be able to bring a Downfall ID into the finals.

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