Mind: Blown

Quarg 252

The Chronos kill deck I was playing at Reading Regionals.

It did pretty well, only dropping 1 of 5 games; though my runner deck dragged down my results, meaning the 4-1 record with this is probably more than a little skewed. Notably, all these wins were flatlines, where a runner either stole an Obokata they wern't ready to survive, or were forced to overextend without damage protection.

The kill options with this list are extremely flexible, just make sure to pay attention to the cards in the grip when you get net damage pings, especially on turns where the runner steals a 5/3, as you'll need to remember what cards they have in hand to hit with Salems and Complete Image.

Notable card choices: * No Neural EMPs - Playing an EMP turns off the ability to reliably kill from 2 cards with Complete Image. Salems fills the same role and typically does it better, so long as you can remember what cards they have in hand. * House of Knives - Doesn't really need to be a 3x, since getting more than one scored / stolen doesn't realistically put either player closer to winning; besides from having the counters for the clinch turns. * Standard Procedure - A bit mediocre, could sensibly be swapped for something else, perhaps Targeted Marketing to deal with Corporate Grant?

The deck definitely fun, can be mind-bending to play at times. The kill package may look excessive, but the redundancy of different kill options plays well into the decks strengths, ensuring that you'll pretty much always have something when the runner is vulnerable, and side-stepping hate that might turn off one kill piece or another; like just straight up landing punitive against Feedback Filter.

1 Jul 2019 hemraa

Congrats on doing so well with Chrons! Did you consider Enforced Curfew at all?