99 White Sleeved Cards (Top 15.5 at Reading Regional)

Cliquil 887

I am Guy in a little games shop
Buy a stack of cards with the money I've got
I want to play a these Anarch ones
But MWL said I was done
Something stirs, a different thought,
Flash the message "Maxx's still there"
Heading out with wild designs,
"99 white sleeved cards" goes Guy...

alt text

Anyway, yes, 99 cards. I went with 90, then Sanjay took 99 so I went up to that too so I didn't seem like I was being 1 upped.

I still love Apoc, though I'm less convinced its still working. I might toy in a different direction, though I think the threat gave me lots of options.

My matchups on the day

R1 vs Argus

I don't remember too much about this game except that I had a Paperclip to challenge an Ice Wall turn 1 which was super rude to my opponent. I think I was able to just pull cards from elswehere

R2 vs Mirrormoprh

Felt like a decent aggressive start stopping Mirrormorph from sticking the MCAs with Run Amoks and Stimhacks. I also got an SSL from the remote. Ultimately thought I lost when an install advance advance on the penultimate turn before time led me to go aggressive, steal and get killed by a Top decked Punitive/Archived/Punitive. Well played to Rufus though, really great matchup

R3 vs Outfit

Really fun and tense game. Got to use Maw to great effect but ultimately got milled out before I got the win off Mawing everything in HQ. That's right. 99 cards was milled out.

R4 vs Titan

OK I know this matchup. You need to try and get aggressive and steal the key cards and oh they've won already.

R5 vs PE

I got actually more aggressive than is common on PE because I know from experience that Maxx is slowly doing the mill out game plan for them. Thankfully the agendas came in an order that meant I could win it. I suspect that this was a trap light PE.

Right now to go over every single card choice in meticulous detail...

alt text

Just kidding that's not Anarch