Where's Waldo? - 5/6th @ Reading Regional 2019

Okkdoko 1124


The eponymous Waldo of the deck

First of, many thanks to Belgium's 2nd biggest scumlord @FREDPI for sharing the list (naturally @ryanbantwins remains the uncontested villain). Originally it could only win via Urban Renewal/Hiro kill, to which FREDPI said "Finding the wincon is like finding Waldo". Even then, he claimed some ridiculous winrate (might have been all the beer he had at that point) so I decided to trust his judgement for once. I put in some HHN and HPT, sleeved it up and played it without practice.

Deck went 3-1 in swiss, losing it's only game in the cut in part due to an unexpected betrayal from Mr. Hiro hanging out in the runner's score area. 2 wins were due to renewal + hiro so I guess it kinda works? People came teched against SIU (even saw a freaking Qianju PT) so having this kill out of nowhere was a nice alternative. I even managed the ultimate BS combo of EBC for Hiro, AAL install it at end of turn with renewal ticking down next turn which was a barrel of laughs (well at least for me).

Having played a few games with it now I think the deck is good but significantly worse than the standard SIU list, which is totally expected. It is as fun as a Gagarin list will get, and if people play around SIU it gains some value since you can kill with very few credits. I'd cut some ICE and an AAL for econ warfare and turtlebacks if you want to improve the list, since those cards are too good not to play.

Finally a huge thanks to all my opponents during the day, I had some of the best games since months. Massive props to Johno for running a smooth tournament as always.

30 Jun 2019 ryanbantwins

This deck gets my seal of approval.

Good job @Okkdokoand @FREDPI

1 Jul 2019 FREDPI

So happy to find Waldo. Also confusing people in Belgium, during Gent Regional, by shouting Okkdoko found Waldo! Is 1 of the many fun parts of this deck.