Anti-NAPD big valuable runs

joaofcv 1

This is my second anti-NAPD deck (the first was ). It focuses on late game runs, using Laamb+Surfer and cards like Khusyuk/Top Hat (+Equivocation), Stimhack, Because I Can, Escher, Freedom Through Equality, and Apocalypse or Notoriety if given the chance (i.e., lightly protected centrals and barriers on the outside). However, Wu with Laamb and Surfer (or Laamb and Pelangi) can put some serious early game pressure as you can build a "complete" rig quickly. The main point of Laamb+Surfer is because NAPD can put some really strong ICE and afford to rez it - in fact, because it gains money so easily but has so few clicks, I would say an optimized NAPD deck would use almost only expensive ICE, and paying 2 to skip it is probably better than breaking it manually. Pelangi can help make more than 1 run per turn, or save you 2 credits, or if you don't want to use surfer all the way down (if there is a lot of ICE in the middle you don't need to break, just stop and then start again when you find something else). Because I Can isn't a great card, but can be situationally powerful if you have a lot of high trash cost upgrades or some defensive agendas. The clicks to install and advance cards are valuable enough that just denying those can be worth it. Escher can help setting up for your fellow runners, that might not be able to pass all ICE so easily. Landing Apocalypse is worth destroying your entire board state, because the other runners can take advantage of it.

The rest of the deck is some economy and 1 or 2 costs for Khusyuk. You aren't making runs the entire time, so you don't need to be super efficient; minimizing the tempo cost is more important because the corp already starts so strong. Rogue Trading, because often you don't even need to clear tags - the corp can only target you when you have the infamy, and it is often a tempo hit for them for relatively little effect (as the other two runners are unaffected). A lot of 1-ofs, but nothing too crucial - your main rig you can get with the ID.

Khusyuk can use either 1 costs (Akamatsu+Pelangi+Armitage+Bio-Modeled Network) or 2 costs (Equivocation+Surfer+Beth+John Masanori+Kati+Network Exchange+Symmetrical Visage) - some redundancy in both cases.