Ultimate Jank [Classified: Project Cerberus]

Aterriblesound 32

Some people like to say they play janky decks. Yeah, right...

Ever since i read one of the reviews for Baba Yaga i've been itching to build this deck. The main idea is to load all the dog breakers and study guide onto Baba Yaga and be able to generate massive amounts of power counters through Nasirs ability in combination with study guide.

There are several problems of course, including the slow setup, the vulnerability to rigshooter and the MU requirements. I tried to alliviate some of them with the possibility to install the breakers first, get through some ice and then rehost them on Baba Yaga. Clone chips against damage and SDS drones.

In the end the attempt was pretty futile as i could never really see the combo in full swing and even when you assemble all the pieces the gain isn't even all that much. But now i got it out of my system and can get back to playing Haley or whatever.

Suggestions welcome!

10 Jul 2019 Japoco

I’m not 100% sure this combo actually works as boosting study guide won’t boost the strength of Baba Yaga (if my understanding of Baba Yaga is correct)

10 Jul 2019 North

@JapocoNah, it's better than that, haha. It gains the paid abilities of the Cerberus breakers that you can use for strength, but with Study Guide you can load Baba Yaga with power counters. Allows you to stock power counters on Baba Yaga for use with the Cerberus breakers 'break subroutine' abilities.

10 Jul 2019 Aterriblesound

He is right, though. One of the main problems if the whole thing is assembled is going through unrezzed multi-ICE servers with the Nasir ability triggering and you jacking out afterwards because you don't have the money for all the strength boost. That's what Kati is for.

10 Jul 2019 BlackCherries

This jank has already been debunked, unfortunately.

Using Study Guide's power counter PA puts the counters on Study Guide, not Baba Yaga. Same reason why Media Blitz and Private Security Force don't work.

10 Jul 2019 Aterriblesound

@BlackCherries For real? Man that is even more disapointing than playing this deck...

11 Jul 2019 Pinkwarrior

@AterriblesoundYeah sadly doesn't work since study guides ability references its self. Interestingly though Baba Yaga is the only AI you can put Dedicated Processor's effect on by just putting it on a program hosted on it.

16 Jul 2019 Rahrhino

I'm still giving a like for the fun lateral thinking even though it doesn't work :P

30 May 2020 Business_watch_dog

I was hoping somebody made this. Thank you