Gabesploitation (1st at Halmstad GNK)

Bridgeman 449

When the corp is not poor DOF, Lamprey, emergency shutdown, corporate grant, and exploit are your friends. Get Eater to guarantee getting into servers.

When the corp is poor servers should be open, collect turtle counters, get your crowdfundings back, fill up those bankrolls and land bad pub with mining accident.

Often a good idea to facecheck a lot early game with the deck to force rezzes so that a run window opens up somewhere else.

Yes IP Block will absolutely wreck your day most of the time, NBN is a bad matchup in general, especially if they are on kill.

Went 2 1/2 - 1/2(Draw because of time, but in a winning position) in the tourney but of course the deck is not top tier or anything, it is however the best Gabe build I´ve been able to put together and a blast to play with!

17 Jul 2019 ptc

Nice deck! Any ideas on how you’d tweak it without CF for MWL3.3?

18 Jul 2019 Bridgeman

Not sure as I have not tried any new versions yet, but off the top of my head some ideas are:

Möbius: Would be great when servers are down, synergizes with bankroll and aumakua. If the corp only has one ice in their opening hand or are too poor to rez two ice then R&D might be open. (High stakes job would also work well when the corp is poor, but is less versatile)

Blueberry diesel: Just to get to the good cards quicker

Hernando Cortez: Probably only one copy, but could be good to pull the corp down faster when they manage to stockpile some cash, an interesting experiment.

Security Testing: Might help to get the econ rolling early game, and could help later as well perhaps 1-2 copies

Should be enough to play around with as there are only 3 open slots :D