Lateral Explosion

Pinkwarrior 2278

The deck can consistently get the Apoc off though this may be somewhat because people don't expect it out of shaper. So Shaper doesn't have DDos in faction/ bin breakers they don't have bypass or econ denial. But we do have extra clicks, recursion and the ability to make ICE what you want it to be. but most of all we have the element of surprise.

First off i took Lat for the free draw their isn't much in regard to good draw in shaper so Lat seemed like as easy choice.

Artist Colony & Fan Site helps save inf by allowing you to go get DDoS from your deck it also lets you install this clicklessly allowing you to apoc the same turn you install it.

Reclaim a star in here mainly it turns 1 DDoS into 4, but can be used for what ever else you may need instead.

3X Beth Kilrain-Chang & Temple of the Liberated Mind these are here for extra clicks allowing you to install DDoS and apoc in the same turn or even apoc from the heap with Same Old Thing. Temple also has some niche use with Lat allowing you to save a click rather than click for a credit when you want that free draw or gain a click so you can draw and install and still get that free draw.

Aesop's Pawnshop for late game econ nothing like turning those face downs into econ.

Peace in Our Time sadly you best bet for burst econ as shaper but plus side helps get Beth kicking out them extra clicks.

Other Stuff

Comet may work for this kinda idea however with it's 4 cost to install and a lack of run events using it for an extra click can be problematic and require a build with more ways to run with events I do think this approach could work just not here.

Reclaim & DDoS wow these are so good together it's really made me reevaluate Reclaims value for decks to the point when Clone Chip Rotates this maybe my replacement of choice. I could also see a use for it in anarch been able to get a lost Trickster Taka or The Turning Wheel back or your barrier breaker whilst only having to throw say a bin breaker away.