[1st @ Bay Area Regional] RIP Nap Time

enkoder 336

For this regional (25 people!) I knew there would be tech against Gag and Hayley because people would guess that myself and others would be playing it and these decks have done very well in other regionals. However I think most had that same thought and said to themselves "if people are going to be teching against them, then I shouldn't bring them". I had the same thought, but when in doubt, just bring the best decks. Turns out it was the right call!

My only loss was against Chris who was piloting a WuRevoir deck. He got Beth down early and was clicking for 15 each turn until he was very much ahead of the money game. I transitioned to a scoring out line but he was able to nab the win in R&D. Very well played game by Chris!

The only changes from @PJ20's Gagarin Nap Time deck (not the big boy's) were to get another Judge, Preemptive, and a NASX in the deck. NASX did really well for me in the Wu game with its burst econ, but I still couldn't out money the 5 click runner. Gag steam rolled the other games ez pz.

14 Jul 2019 crimson49er

Congrats on coming in 1st!!! That was a super fun game, even with 90+ creds i felt like i was on the raggedy edge of death :)