socrX Hyoubu Grail concept

ZomB 82

Initial take on a Hyoubo deck for socrX. With an alternative scoring plan. Some might call it janky...

An alternative is to replace IPOs with Public Health Portals. And have up to 10 credits drip economy (6 PHP, 3 Pad, 1Hyoubu).

16 Jul 2019 BlackCherries

Needs Fast Track for your 4/2s!

16 Jul 2019 Klark

Hi @ZomB. I was just browsing in nr.db and i found a lot of your socrX decks. I wonder what socrX means... :-)

17 Jul 2019 Krasty

@Klark: socrX is Stimhack Online Cache Refresh 10, more info here ->

27 Jul 2019 ZomB

-2 Future Perfect, -2 Pad +3 Yagi-Uda, +1 Tsurugi