PE is a ruse (1st GNK, 3-0)

qvm 1675

This is something different: a PE with only 7 agendas!

Yes, you could play this in RP or Palana, but the one extra damage helps with Punitive Counterstrike. In our 10 person GNK, 6 brought Engolo Maxx! I played and won against such a Maxx 3x (2 score outs, 1 kill), the ice suite being quite good against Engolo.

The game plan is make money (Daily Quest, Sundew) behind a remote, or make the runner poor contesting it. You score agendas either in the open (if you have the kill ready), or behind ice (if you need some help to get the kill ready).

Mushin No Shin is there just for value. It's cheaper to jam agendas or splicers this way. I also like protecting a Mushined card with an ice. There are no traps in this deck, only forks!

This is really fun to play and good, if you're opponents don't expect a traditional PE deck. I haven't yet tested this deck against someone who knows the list.