Rainbow Pride

Frost 499

🌈 Pelangi (noun) — Indonesian for "rainbow" 🌈

7th at London Regional. Sadly the deck didn't perform nearly as well as my corp, going a miserable 1-3.

A classic Reavershop Wu deck I've been tuning intermittently for the last several months. Money up, contest the remote, install 1-cost cards, run centrals only when you've got multiaccess.

I was losing every game I didn't find Aesop within the first turn or two, so I coughed up 4 influence for two Hostage. I'd ideally like two Legwork, which would mean cutting a Hostage, but someone else will have to do the maths on that.

Your primary breakers are Engolo and a gaggle of Pelangi. With them, you can get through practically anything for very little setup cost. Inti is for the bane of once-per-turn breakers: Border Control. Ika is for Tour Guide. Importantly, both can be sold to Aesop when not needed.

Two of the games I lost were very close, and a few different accesses or card orders would have changed everything.

  • Against The Foundry glacier, whiffed on two Legworks.
  • Against Gagarin, "Freedom Through Equality" was the penultimate card in the deck — desperately needed against an agenda suite of a bunch of 3-pointers. If I had drawn it a couple of turns earlier while I had a commanding mid-game economy lead, I'd have been able to land two Khusyuks for the final 4 points.
  • I still don't know how to play against CTM.

Even with the poor showing, it could have done well with a bit of luck and some better piloting. I think the deck has real legs.

24 Jul 2019 ClosDeLaRoche

How much work did Reaver do? It has negative synergy with ProCo. Do you think you could cut it?

24 Jul 2019 ClosDeLaRoche

I meant, would you rather go ProCo or Reaver?

24 Jul 2019 Frost

Reaver is integral to the deck idea, if you take it out it becomes a different deck and would probably suit Hayley Kaplan instead.

The general plan is to mulligan aggressively for Aesop or Hostage, and then use Wu's ability to grab Reaver to start accelerating through the deck. A classic play when you're not crimped on Clone Chips is to Clone Chip back a Cache on the corp's turn, which triggers Reaver, and then sell the Cache to Aesop on your turn, triggering Reaver again.

The difference between this deck and the theoretical Aesop + ProCo + Hayley deck is that this deck has a much higher forward tempo right from the beginning (Reaver helps you find more econ, or whatever specific card you need for a situation). However, ProCo's money definitely adds up — there are a lot of games I've lost with this deck where I just ran out of things to sell and couldn't make accesses any more — so that version would sacrifice tempo (by installing ProCo) but would have a better long-game.

30 Jul 2019 ClosDeLaRoche

Thanks for the feedback. I am running a Hayley / ProCo build, but some ideas in this deck helped me considerably.