Fun(ding) Guy

Ajar 1605

Still trying to figure out Freedom without Crowdfunding. The ID ability is so powerful that I think it's worth the effort. Finalized this list moments before round 1 began. Points to @aandries and @whiteblade for suggesting Knifed afterward, cutting a sucker for one is probably right.

Falsified is nice, but it's possible there's a way to do this better and have a second Pelangi without giving up too much on the economy front.

I never needed Paperclip, but there wasn't another restricted that seemed worth it, and having Paperclip plus 3x Clone Chip lets you Inject with abandon.

Freedom is quite stressful to pilot. You need to remember your virus triggers, consider when to use your ID ability, remember Turning Wheel counters, remember to Turntable... and with this list, you have to consider Shaper bullshit like Clone Chipping D4 to trash Pelangi and break an ice, then Clone Chipping Pelangi back to paint the next ice and have a spare virus counter for your ID. There's a lot going on.

The deck is better than my finish, I think. I dropped very winnable games due to not having played Standard since the MSP regional and not having had time to tune the list. The Fun Guy is still solid even if no one else likes him anymore.

22 Jul 2019 Thike

100% agree on Freedom's power. Flexible and always relevant, it always feels good. I've been futzing with a Find the Truth build, but this good stuff version is probably a better call.

I wonder if Critic is a worthwhile include right now. It deals with cards Freedom doesn't, and is relevant against pretty much every corp atm.

23 Jul 2019 Ajar

@Thike my next testing list is:

-2 Falsified -1 Datasucker -1 Paperclip

+1 Pelangi +1 D4V1D +1 Knifed +1 Film Critic

25 Jul 2019 JamesG

I think you should definitely explore the Knobkierie + Consume + Imp build. I always considered it the second best build for freedom (after crowdfunding) and it's really a blast to play with the new MWL.