StarNexus 419 (5th Philly Regional)

Redino987 162

Losing crowdfunding hurt 419 quite a bit, but more importantly, losing corp grant makes the deck much less denial focused than it was before the new MWL.

The deck went 2-2 on the day, losing to a combo-y PE deck piloted by Dan D'Argenio that I had no business losing to (I mistakenly floated a tag and proceeded to get my resources trashed and then combo killed), and then losing to an RP Glacier deck where I couldn't find my breakers fast enough.

It has its weaknesses for sure, but I think I will continue to play Nexus Crim until I solve it.

22 Jul 2019 dnddmdb

I haven't seen Whistleblower played much. Was it useful at all?

22 Jul 2019 Redino987

@dnddmdb I like Whistleblower as a 1 of for the Obokata/SDS steals, I used it for one of each during the tourney