Surfer Wu (3rd @ Malmö regionals)

simili 326

Published for ABR fame

Decided to try something new – took this, more or less untested, to Malmö regionals.
Turns out Wu is fun!

Originally netdecked, only changes: swapped Rebirth for No One Home and second Beth for Misdirection.

Thoughts on changes: Misdirection feels solid. I want Rebirth back for that extra CT-MU (would most likely swap one Stimhack for it, though). Could also be great to be able to squeeze a Clot in there somehow… stupid Atlas train.

Quote of the day
(trying to figure out if I can get into the scoring remote for that crucial agenda)
“Can I do it…? … …of course I can, I’m shaper – I can do anything I want.”
(and then I did it)